Welcome to WHcOC.com

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Welcome to White House Church of Christ.

We are so glad you found us on the World Wide Web. Our church is ready to welcome you to our assembly. Our goal is to give every visitor a warm welcome. Everyone needs to be surrounded by people who love God and love others. All of us need a word of encouragement and a reminder of the most important things. Explore the activities and lessons on this site and when you are ready, come join us as we learn together how to live as God’s people.

Sunday Service Times


Bible Study - ( 9:30 am )
Worship Service - ( 10:30 am )
Evening Service - ( 5:30 pm )


Family Bible Study - ( 6:30 pm )

Come Join Us!! We'd love to have you! buy quinine powder australia

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Gospel Meeting Messages

Gospel Meeting Keith Barnett 10-04/07-2015

Here are the messages from our recent gospel meeting led by Keith Barnett buy viagra cape town south africa

If you weren't able to join us or you just want to hear these inspiring messages again, look no further! Give brother Keith some encouragement and tell him how much you enjoyed hearing and visiting with him. Thank you so much! God bless!

Sunday Morning October 4th Sunday Evening October 4th Monday Evening October 5th Tuesday Evening October 6th Wednesday Evening October 7th
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Contact Info

205 Spring Street
White House, TN 37188

1-615-672-4610 antabuse pill pictures

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We Support RED CROSS

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