The World Did Not Recognize Him

NotRecognized Tommy Gore 02-26-2017

A good movie for me consists of a good story, skillfully told. Each scene means something and moves the story forward. After I had watched The Bucket List for the third time I noticed something I had missed. The climax of the movie involves a coffee can being buried next to another coffee can. It’s a cheap brand called Chock-Full-o’-Nuts. In the middle of the movie the two main characters have a discussion on the merits of the most expensive coffee versus the cheap instant. Here’s what I had missed. The second scene of the movie has the Morgan Freeman character tapping the ash from a cigarette into an empty coffee can labeled Chock-Full-o’-Nuts. I had not recognized the full significance of what I was seeing the first time I saw it. The disciples did not recognize the significance of Jesus walking among them at first. How could they? But the Gospel of John is his mature reflection on what he had seen and heard and touched. Now he can put it all together; now he can tell the story well. We’ll spend the next couple of months focused on Jesus and what it means that God dwelt among us. Scripture Readings: 1 Kings 3:7-10, John 1:10-13; Sermon Scripture - John 1:1-18


Stained Ben Herchenhahn 2-19-2017

Ben Herchenhahn - Stained

Scripture Readings: 1 Samuel 17:34-37; Sermon Scripture - Matthew 9:9-13

Excel in the Grace of Giving

GraceOfGiving Tommy Gore 02-12-2017

The sensitivity that people sometimes have about instruction on giving is illustrated by the old story about a preacher and a farmer. The preacher tried out some hypotheticals on the farmer to bring him along in his giving. “If you had 100 horses and I really needed half of them, would you give me 50?” Farmer: “Well, it would be a big sacrifice—but sure, I’d do that.” “If you had 100 cows and I really needed half of them, would you give me 50 cows?” “Big sacrifice, but sure.” “If you had 2 pigs and I really needed half of them, would you give me one?” “Now cut that out, preacher, you know I have 2 pigs!” If we are to grow in our Christian faith, we need to excel in the grace of giving. Paul gives the Corinthians the NT principles for giving that can guide our giving down to this day. Scripture Readings: Joshua 24:15-16, 2 Corinthians 8:1-5; Sermon Scripture - 2 Corinthians 8-9

Give God What Is His

GiveGod Tommy Gore 02-05-2017

I think most of us prefer to think happy thoughts rather than sad ones, prefer to expect good things coming our way rather than suffering. The Bible gives us many wonderful promises and a firm basis for hope, but the Bible also prepares us for the suffering and loss that will come our way if we live long enough in this world. The story of Job is one of the ways that the Bible helps us think about how we might get through bad times. Gerald Sittser meditates on that story and how it helps us: Maybe that is why most people seem to weather loss so well. They learn to live in hope. It is a wonder, considering the suffering that awaits us all, how few of us live in constant dread, utterly immobilized by what may happen to us. Somehow we manage to live reasonably well, expecting the best and, when the time comes to face the worst, accepting it as part of the bargain of living in a fallen world. We are remarkably resilient creatures. When knocked down, most of us get up, like weeds bouncing back after being trampled. We love again, work again, and hope again. We think it is worth the risk and trouble to live in the world, though terrors surely await us, and we take our chances that, all things considered, life is still worth living. Scripture Readings: Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Psalms 50:9-12; Sermon Scripture - Psalms 50:9-15

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