The Kind Of Man an Overseer Must be

KindOfManAnOverseerMustBe Tommy Gore 05-21-2017

A while back a couple of authors used animals to symbolize the four main personality types. The Lion takes charge, is bold, a decision-maker, and says, “Let’s do it now.” The Beaver is deliberate, reserved, orderly, scheduled, and asks, “How was it done in the past?” The Otter is energetic, visionary, fun-loving, creative, optimistic, and says, “Trust me. It’ll work out.” And there’s the Golden Retriever who is loyal, capable of deep relationships, adaptable, and says, “Let’s keep things the way they are.” These animal images may help us capture some of the characteristics of people we know. God uses “sheep” to describe us humans: creatures who get in trouble when they wander off on own, are vulnerable to predators, and who need someone who can lead them to food and water. In other words, God’s people need shepherds. Scripture Readings: Isaiah 40:25-26, 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Sermon Scripture - 1 Timothy 3:1-9; Titus 1:5-9

Resume of a Good Minister of Jesus Christ

ResumeofAGoodMinister Tommy Gore 05-14-2017

One of my favorite Abe Lincoln quotes has him asking, “If you call the tail of a dog a leg, how many legs does he have?” “Four—just calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it so.” I think our culture could benefit from a little Abe Lincoln clear thinking. Just calling evil good doesn’t make it so. Young and old have to be trained and reminded how to discern between good and evil. We need spiritual training in godliness if we are going to keep our thinking straight in a godless environment. So when Paul gives Timothy training in how to be a good minister of Christ Jesus, there is an emphasis on paying attention to both life and doctrine. A minister needs to be a model of Christian character. He needs to set an example in speech, life, love, faith, and purity. The congregation may choose to follow his example, so it needs to be an example worth following. Scripture Readings: Isaiah 40:6-8; Sermon Scripture - 1 Timothy 4:6-10

What Leaders and Followers Owe One Another

WhatWeOweEachOther Tommy Gore 05-7-2017

A time of transition for a congregation gives an opportunity to think through what leaders owe followers and what followers owe leaders. A church needs leaders that will shepherd God’s people. They must be willing to take on that sacred responsibility. They must be eager to serve and offer the teaching, counsel, and encouragement that keeps a church on track. Leading in the kingdom is more about setting an example than it is about lording authority over unwilling followers. But followers owe something to leaders if they want them to be able to serve well. There needs to be a willingness to let leaders lead. Followers need to cultivate an attitude of obedience and cooperation that makes leading God’s people a joy, not a burden. It doesn’t make sense to ask men to serve and then work against them. It is an advantage to followers to help their leaders to succeed.

Do You Know What Baptism Means?

WhatBaptismMeans Tommy Gore 04-30-2017

Most of us are familiar with the Prodigal Son story that Jesus told. In our mind’s eye let’s extend the story. It’s two years later and the family has fallen into a routine of daily life. The older brother tolerates his younger brother, the loving father has gotten older. But the younger son fondly remembers the day his father welcomed him home. What if he had this thought? “Suppose I did it again? Why not help myself to some more of Dad’s things, run away for a while and then come back? Maybe I’ll get another party!” Wouldn’t that be absurd? Unthinkable? Yet, isn’t that the way a lot of people think. “God will forgive me; that’s his job!” We must only tell people that God accepts them just as they are. The only thing to say to someone who sins is, “That’s fine—God loves you.” Someone who thinks like that has forgotten what the gospel is all about. It is about lost people being found, about sinners being changed, about no longer starving in the pig pen but being restored to blessing. Scripture Readings: Psalms 31:1-3; Sermon Scripture - Romans 6:1-4

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