I Am The Resurrection

Resurrection Tommy Gore 04-02-2017

Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable at a funeral. They don’t know what to say or how to process this unpleasant fact of life. Yet there is something healthy about being reminded about the appointment we all must keep. It is not morbid to occasionally remember that we won’t live forever in this world. We only get one life. So how will we use it? In the Gospel of John Jesus used the things that happened to him as teaching opportunities. His mother’s request at a wedding, Nicodemus’ visit at night, the “chance” encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well—they all allowed Jesus to advance his mission. And now his friend Lazarus is dying. And in the midst of that loss Jesus will teach so much about grief and love and caring and his power and our future. Scripture Readings: Psalms 24:1-4, John 11:21-27; Sermon Scripture - John 11-12

What's at the Heart

AtTheHeart Ben Herchenhahn 3-19-2017

Ben Herchenhahn - Fan Or Follower

Scripture Readings: 2 Chron. 16:8-9a; Sermon Scripture - Mark 10:17-27

Water for Thirsty Souls

ThirstySouls Tommy Gore 03-12-2017

Did you have a grandmother like I did? She was a good, country cook who could handle any crowd and serve up classics like corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, and perfect fried chicken. Even her iced tea was extra good. And she couldn't stand for anybody’s tea glass to be empty. So during the meal, she was up and down to get the tea pitcher. She could hear ice rattle across a room of twenty people. “Mamma, we can get that,” we’d say. But she wanted to be sure that no one was thirsty. As Christians we need to notice when people are thirsty. Jesus is our perfect model in this and his conversation with the woman at the well can teach us many things about helping thirsty people to find the living water that Jesus offers. Scripture Readings: 1 Chron. 6:14-17, John 4:1-10; Sermon Scripture - John 4:1-42

The World Did Not Recognize Him

NotRecognized Tommy Gore 02-26-2017

A good movie for me consists of a good story, skillfully told. Each scene means something and moves the story forward. After I had watched The Bucket List for the third time I noticed something I had missed. The climax of the movie involves a coffee can being buried next to another coffee can. It’s a cheap brand called Chock-Full-o’-Nuts. In the middle of the movie the two main characters have a discussion on the merits of the most expensive coffee versus the cheap instant. Here’s what I had missed. The second scene of the movie has the Morgan Freeman character tapping the ash from a cigarette into an empty coffee can labeled Chock-Full-o’-Nuts. I had not recognized the full significance of what I was seeing the first time I saw it. The disciples did not recognize the significance of Jesus walking among them at first. How could they? But the Gospel of John is his mature reflection on what he had seen and heard and touched. Now he can put it all together; now he can tell the story well. We’ll spend the next couple of months focused on Jesus and what it means that God dwelt among us. Scripture Readings: 1 Kings 3:7-10, John 1:10-13; Sermon Scripture - John 1:1-18

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